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Wormwood extract herbal bulk powder for sale cheap price

wormwood alcohol extract

Prodcut name: Aiye Leaf Extract/Folium Artemisiae Argyi P.E

Latin Name: Artemisia argyi Vant

Appearance: Brown powder

Ingredient:10:1 20:1

Test Method: TLC

What is Wormwood leaf extract?

Wormwood leaf extract, an herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its compounds that can effectively treats falciparum malaria.

In terms of medicine, it can be used alone or combination with other herbs. It also is applied to food filed for treating heat stroke as well to health care products for regulating the immune system.

What is wormwood extract good for?

1.Hemostatic effect:Wormwood leaf extract to lower the capillary permeability, fight fibrinolysis.

2.Wormwood alcohol extract can eliminate phlegm to smooth wheezing.

3.Wormwood extract for sale  have antibacterial antiviral action.

4.Wormwood liquid herbal extract have anti allergy effect.

5.Wormwood leaf extract protect liver, cholagogue function: reduce transaminase role.

6.Wormwood extract powder have cardiovascular effects.

7.Stimulate the gastrointestinal tract secretion of digestive juices, promote digest, stomachic.

8.To the skin mild stimulation, can cause fever, flush, etc

What is wormwood extract used for?

1. Applied in food field,  wormwood alcohol extract will be serve as cool drinks is good for prevention and treatment of heat stroke;

2. Applied in health product field, wormwood liquid herbal extract can be made into capsules or oral liquid to regulate the immune system;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, wormwood extract herbal bulk powder has general effection for vivax malaria, plasmodium falciparum and chloroquine.