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Witch hazel extract for skin bulk powder cheap price

Latin name: Hamainelis mollis
English name: Hamamelis Extract
Extracted part: Root
Appearance : brown yellow fine powder
Odor: Characteristic
Extract Ratio: 20:1

What is witch hazel extract?

Witch Hazel contains a variety of tannins such as Ellagtannin and Hamamlitannin to regulate sebum secretion, moisturizing and whitening effects. Promotes lymphatic circulation, which can specifically overcome morning eyelids and dark circles. It has the effect of calming and soothing, and has an effect of improving cracks, sunburn and acne. It can effectively help the skin’s ability to regenerate at night. Remove eye bags, relax and ease the skin for oily skin or allergic skin. It has the effects of soothing, astringent, antibacterial and anti-aging. Because of the remarkable curative effect of astringent oil control and sterilization, it is the best choice for adolescents or skin with serious oily conditions.

What is witch hazel extract good for?


Witch Hazel contains a special softness factor. It can soothe restless skin. Helps the skin to calm down. Maintain metabolic balance. Eliminates the discomfort of the skin.


For adolescents. Or skin with a more serious oil condition. The astringent effect of witch hazel is obvious and can control oil secretion. Helps regulate the skin’s water and oil balance. Effectively increase the moisture content of the skin and balance the pH. Shrink pores.

Witch hazel alcohol extract has a special effect on fungal infections. Patients with psoriasis, eczema, varicose veins or acne. The use of witch hazel extract can be soaked in a bath to improve skin condition.


Witch hazel bark extract can significantly reduce the content of malondialdehyde in the tissue caused by strong ultraviolet radiation, and can prevent inflammation of the skin caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Reduce free radical damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Has anti-aging effects.

What is witch hazel extract used for?

1.Pharmaceutical stuff;

2.Functional food and food additive;

3.Cosmetics additive;