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White lily flower bulb extract powder for sale cheap price

lily bulb extract

Product Name: Lily Bulb Extract

Batanical Source:Lilium lancifolium.

Part Used: Stem

Solvents Used:Water&Ethanol

What is Lily Bulb Extract?

Lilies are among the oldest cultivated plants in the world.

According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, lily bulbs have sweet and slightly cold properties, and are associated with the Lung and Heart meridians.

Lily bulbs are used to relieve coughs, dry throats and other respiratory conditions, to clear away heat, and to treat insomnia and heart palpitations. Its tonic properties make it a good herb for promoting restful sleep and treating restlessness and irritability.

Lily bulb is often combined with other herbs, such as scrophularia, rehmannia root, and anemarrhena.

What function does Lily bulb extract have?

1. Lily bulb extract has the effects of rich nutrition, sweet and crisp, good for watering your lung, stop coughing, quiet your nerves;

2.White lily bulb extract has been found to inhibit tumour growth in laboratory tests. Lily bulb extract shrinks pancreas, stomach tumours;

3.Lily bulb extract has a moisturising and regenerating action, and makes your skin wonderfully smooth and soft;

4.Lily flower extract has the function to nourish yin and moisten the lung, and to tranquilize the mind;

5. Lily bulb extract could be used to target some of the that are currently most difficult to treat;

6.Lily bulb extract powder is indicated for the treatment of Anxiety such as terror or panic , palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness.

Which field does Lily bulb extract applied?

1. Applied in Pharmaceutical health care products;

2. White lily bulb extract is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products.

3. Applied in Medicine and health products, beverages and food additives