Project Description

Vitamin B complex powder for health

Vitamin B complex

Product Name:Vitamin B Complex

Purity:99% Vitamin B Complex

Appearance:Yellow Powder

What is Vitamin B complex powder?

Vitamin B complex have a lot of health benefits.

It helps to ease stress, it is good for the treatment of anxiety and depression, it is helpful for memory improvement, and it reduce heart-disease risk.

It contains the vitamin B that human body need everyday, it is good for both kids and adults

What function does Vitamin B Complex have?

1. Vitamin b complex  can improve sleep quality, adjust the biological clock.

2. Vitamin b complex  can prevent DNA damage, reduce body peroxide content, anti-aging.

3. Vitamin b complex  can enhance immunity, prevent depression.

4.Vitamin b complex  can inhibit the activity of melanocytes, whitening.

Which field does Vitamin B complex powder applied?

1. As Food and beverage ingredients.

2. As Healthy Products ingredients.

3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.

4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.

5. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients.