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Shikimic acid powder star anise extract antiviral

Product: Star Anise Extract Shikimic Acid 98%
Latin name : Illicium verum Hook.f.
Botanical source: Dry fruits of magnoliaceae evergreen shrub lllicium lanceolatum AC smith
Parted used : Fruit of Illicium verum
Appearance: Fine White Powder
Active ingredient : Shikimic Acid
Specifications: 98% ,99% Shikimic acid by HPLC
Chemical composition: 3, 4, 5-trihydroxy-1-cyclohexene-1-carboxylic acid
CAS NO.: 138-59-0
Molecular Formula: C7H10O5
Molecular Weight: 174.15

What is Star Anise Extract Shikimic Acid powder?

Star Anise Extract Shikimic Acid is a white crystal compound of nonnitrogenous acid found in various plants naturally. Shikimic acid has two kind functional groups in the same molecule, three hydroxyl groups and a carboxylic acid group, which are optically active. They can yield various kinds of esters and salts.

The most important feature of cyclitol is that there are chiral isomers, key intermediates in the biosynthesis of aromatic compounds in living metabolism. Shikimic acid is a key intermediate in the biochemical pathway from phosphoenolpyruvic acid to tyrosine.

Natural Star Anise Extract Shikimic Acid is a precursor of many alkaloids, aromatic amino acids, and indole derivatives. Shikimic acid is widely used as a chiral building block for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.

What are the benefits of Star Anise Extract?

1. Shikimic acid for sale effected by arachidonic acid.

2.Star anise extract powder acts as anti-inflammatory ,analgesic.

3.Shikimic acid antiviralt is the drug intermediates of anti-cancer and anti-virus.

4.Moreover, star anise extract powder is also the basis raw materials of combating avian flu.

5.Natural Star Anise Extract Shikimic Acid can inhibit the concentrating of the blood platelets,inhibit arterial,venous thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis.

What is Star Anise Extract Shikimic Acid used for?

1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, star anise extract powder is usually made into tablets, capsule and granule to warm the kidney, strengthen the

spleen and enhance human immunity.

2.Applied in food field, star anise extract powder is mainly used in kinds of beverage, liquor and foods to enhance human immunity and anti-aging.

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