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Product: Stachyose powder

Botanical Name: Stachys Floridana Schuttl et Benth.

Appearance: White powder

CAS Registry Number: 10094-58-3

Molecular Formula: C25H42O21

Molecular Weight: 666.59

Specification: 80% by HPLC

What is Stachyose powder?

Stachyose is a four naturally occurring sugar, is a remarkable promotion of bifidobacteria and other bacteria proliferation of functional oligosaccharide. From Zeeland in the natural plant roots in the refined extract, the pure white powder, slightly sweet flavor, 22% of the sweetness of sucrose, pure taste, no bad taste or odor. Its molecular structure: galactose – galactose – glucose – fructose “, the molecular formula C24H42O21 Relative molecular weight 666.59.

Stachyose on the human gastrointestinal tract, bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and other beneficial flora has a very obvious proliferation, can rapidly improve the environment within the human digestive tract, regulate the microecology microflora balance.

It can promote the formation of the dominant bacteria status of the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, inhibiting the production of gas acid producing Clostridium, such as spoilage bacteria, the other to produce a large number of physiologically active substances, regulating intestinal pH, kill pathogens and deter corruption product formation, inhibition of endogenous carcinogens and absorption and decomposition of spawned multiple immune function factors. Commonly known as: bacteria of the food.

What function does Stachyose powder have?

1.Stachyose plays an important role in the proliferation, Stachyose can rapidly improve the environment within the human digestive tract, regulating micro-ecological balance.

2.Stachyose can promote the formation of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract the status of dominant bacteria,inhibition of endogenous carcinogens generation and absorption.

3.Stachyose in the human has a role in promoting the intestinal short-chain fatty acids increased physical activity, lower cholesterol.

4.Stachyose is very suitable for people with diabetes to take, Stachyose will not cause adverse endocrine patient burden.

5.Raffinose stachyose can enhance human resistance to gastrointestinal infection or food-borne diseases through the function, and can improve the nutritional status of the skin and other organs, improve health and beauty.

Which field does Stachyose powder applied?

1. Can be added to liquid foods, such as lactic acid beverages, vinegar beverages, beer and other beverages, to develop new functional foods, with small additions and significant results, without destroying the flavor of the original food.

2. There are active factors that can adsorb toxic substances and pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, improve the body’s resistance to disease, and enhance immunity. Therefore, it can be widely used in medicine.

3, Added in baked goods, can maintain moisture, change the rheological properties of the dough.

4. Stachyose is not hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes, and metabolism is not dependent on insulin, which can meet the needs of special populations such as diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia.

5. Stachysaccharide promotes the body’s absorption of calcium and magnesium. It can be used as an ideal raw material for the development of pregnant women and elderly foods.

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