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siberian ginseng root extract eleutheroside e

Product name:Siberian Ginseng Extract
Latin name:Acanthopanax senticosus
Part used:Root and stem
Active ingredient:Eleutheroside B and E
Cas No:118-34-3(Eleutheroside B);39432-56-9(Eleutheroside E);
Molecular formula:EleutherosideB.(C17H20O10);EleutherosideE.(C34H46O18)
Molecular Weight:Eleutheroside B.(385.33)Eleutheroside E.(742.71)

What is siberian ginseng extract?

Siberian ginseng extract powder is considered to be an adaptogen this means it helps in stressful circumstances and also helps return the body to a normal balance.

For example, an adaptogen might lower blood pressure in someone who has high blood pressure, but it might raise blood pressure in someone who has low blood pressure.

The active ingredients in siberian ginseng, called eleutherosides, are thought to increase stamina and to stimulate the immune system.Siberian ginseng powder are made from the root. The root contains a mixture of components, common to many plants but occurring together in siberian ginseng, eleutherosides.

Siberian ginseng powder may increase your body’s resistance to stress and prevent certain types of illness.

Siberian ginseng may be useful when used in connection with stress and body fatigue caused by viruses, bacteria, chemicals, extreme working conditions, noise, and pollution.

It has also been suggested that siberian ginseng powder may help the body to recuperate when recovering from illness.

Many people claim that siberian ginseng is very useful for increasing mental and physical performance.

Specifically, it has been reported that siberian ginseng powder can help to increase concentration, focus, and physical stamina.

However, to date, these claims have not been substantiated by empirical evidence.

What are the benefits of siberian ginseng powder?

1. Siberian ginseng extract powder having curative effect on neurasthenic and insomnia

2. Siberian ginseng root extract can Anti-aging.

3. Eleutherosides is expanding blood vessel,blood supplying, and adjusting blood pressure, curing coronary heart disease.

4. Siberian ginseng liquid extract can resist inflammation.

5. Siberian ginseng eleuthero can anti-knub.

6.Siberian ginseng (eleutherococcus senticosus) extract have notable curative effect on neurasthenic, improving sleeping heartthrob, bad memory etc.

siberian ginseng extract benefits

What is siberian ginseng extract used for?

1.Applied in food field.

Siberian ginseng extract powder is mainly used in kinds of beverage, liquor and foods to enhance human immunity and anti-aging;

2.Applied in pharmaceutical field,

Siberian ginseng root extract is usually made into tablets, capsule, injectio and granule to invigorate the vital energy, nourish the blood, invigorate qi, calm the nerves, warm the kidney and strengthen the splee.

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