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Rutin powder sophora japonica extract cheap price

sophora japonica extract powder

Product Name: Rutin powder

Synonym: Rutoside, Vitamin P, Violaquereitrin

CAS Number: 153-18-4

Appearance: Yellow and greenish-yellow powder

Botanical Source: Sophora japonica L.

Specifications: 95% UV

Molecular Formula: C27H30O16

What is Rutin powder?

Rutin is the glycoside between the flavonol quercetin and the disaccharide rutinose.

It can be created by bonding a disaccharide onto the hydroxyl group of Quercetin.

Rutin (quercetin rutinoside), as well as quercitrin, is a glycoside of the flavonoid Quercetin. As such, the chemical structure of both is very similar, with the difference existing in the Hydroxyl functional group.

Both quercetin and rutin are used in many countries as medications for blood vessel protection and are ingredients of numerous multivitamin preparations and herbal remedies.

Rutin is a Bioflavonoid. It can enhances the absorption of Vitamin C, helps relieve pain, bumps and bruises, has an antibacterial effect, promotes circulation, stimulates bile production, helps lower blood cholesterol, and prevents cataracts.

What is rutin powder good for?

1.Rutin powder sophora japonica is a bioflavonoid. It can enhance the absorption of Vitamin C; help to relieve pain, bumps and bruises and has an antibacterial effect.

2.Rutin powder bulk can promotes circulation, stimulate bile production, help to lower blood cholesterol,and prevent cataracts.

3.Rutin powder (sophora japonica) (flower bud) is a phenolic antioxidant and has been demonstrated to scavenge superoxide radicals.

4.Sophora japonica extract rutincan chelate metal ions, such as ferrous cations. Ferrous cations are involved in the so-called Fenton reaction, which generates reactive oxygen species.

5.Pure rutin powder may also modulate the respiratory burst of neutrophils.

What is rutin powder used for?

1.Rutin powder inhibits platelet aggregation, as well as decreases capillary permeability, making the blood thinner and improving circulation.

2.Sophora Japonica extract powder shows anti-inflammatory activity in some animal and in vitro models.

3.Rutin powder inhibits aldose reductase activity. Aldose reductase is an enzyme normally present in the eye and elsewhere in the body.

4.Sophora Japonica extract powder helps change glucose into the sugar alcohol sorbitol.

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