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English name: Rose Hips Extract/ rose hip fruit extract powder
Latin Name: Rosa rugosa Thunb
Part Used: Fruit
Appearance : Brown yellow Powder
Active Ingredients: Polyphenol, flavones
Test methods: UV

What is rose hips extract?

Rose hips are usually orange to red in color. They are round in shape. In some species dark purple and even black fruits are found. The red ones of them look like small tomatoes. The wild grown rose hip fruits contain more vitamins than the cultivated ones.

Rose hips are mainly found in parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Nowadays rose hips are cultivated almost all over the globe, creating the suitable conditions for its cultivation.

Rose hips contain vitamin C in a large amount, 40% more than oranges also. Rose hips also contain vitamin B-complex in high quantity, and even vitamin A and C, calcium, and iron. Researches found hints of potassium, silicon, sulfur, and magnesium in rose hip fruits.

What is rosehip extract good for?

1. Rosehip extract has effect of anti-oxidation, preventing skin aging, promotes the activity of epidermal cells to improve skin regeneration and renewal ability, protects cells from UV damage and neutralizes free free radicals, promotes collagen fiber production, improves skin wrinkles and relaxation, and enhances skin elasticity;

2.Rosehip aqueous extract has effect of boosts metabolism, strengthening the spleen and helping digestion, ImprovIing blood circulation, protecting the brain and nerve tissue, enhancing the body’s immunity.

3.Adaptogen Effects:

Rose hips contain compounds that provide adaptogenic benefits, meaning they help to enhance adrenal and glandular function during times when the body is undergoing physical or emotional stress.

4.Cardiovascular Benefits:

Rose hips also contain high levels of anthocyanins, catechins, plant sterols and other phytochemicals that have been shown to help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Specifically, this effect appears to be due to these agents decreasing levels of C-reactive protein, a protein manufactured in the liver in response to systemic inflammation. High levels of this protein indicate a higher risk for heart disease.

5.Anti-inflammatory Properties:

Rose hip preparations contain antioxidants and may benefit patients suffering from inflammatory disorders, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rose hip extract produced anti-inflammatory effects by reducing chemotaxis of peripheral blood neutrophils and monocytes in cultured cells.

What is rosehip extract used for?

1. Rosehip extract applied in pharmaceutical field.

2. Rosehip botanical extract applied in cosmetic industry for skin care and beauty.

3. Rosehip aqueous extract applied in health care product and food industry.

4. Rosehip extract powder used in beverages, candy, health food.