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Red yeast rice powder (monascus purpureus)extract for sale

red yeast rice extract powder

Product Name: Red Yeast Rice Extract
Herb Source: Monascus Purpureus
Used Part: Seed
Active Ingredient: Monacolin K ( Lovastatin )
Appearance: Red Powder
Specification: Monacolin K 1.0%, 1.5%, 3%
CAS#: 75330-75-5
Molecular Formula & Molecular Weight: C24H36O5; 404.5

What is Red Yeast Rice Extract ?

Red yeast rice extract is rice that has been fermented by the red yeast, monascus purpureus. It has been used by the Chinese for many centuries as a food preservative, food colorant (Red yeast rice is responsible for the red color of Peking duck), spice, and ingredient in rice wine.

Red yeast rice extract also has been used in China for over 1,000 years for medicinal purposes. It was described in an ancient Chinese list of drugs as useful for improving blood circulation and for alleviating indigestion and diarrhea.

There is also growing interest in evaluating red yeast rice for use as a natural food dye andor preservative.

What is red rice yeast good for?

1.Red yeast rice extract is a bright reddish purple fermented rice, which acquires its colour from being cultivated with the mold Monascus purpureus.

2.Red yeast rice extract powder was a great invention in ancient China and was used as a Chinese medicine to strengthen spleen, promote digestion, eliminate dampness and phlegm

3.Organic red yeast rice powder promotes blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Modern clinical research shows that red kojic contains several physiological active matters, such as Lovastatin, which can adjust abnormal blood lipid levels, lower serum total cholesterol(TC),serum triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol(LDL -C),and increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol(HDL-C).

4.As a kind of natural food additives, red yeast rice extract is widely used in food, pastry, wine, drink, cosmetic, and so on. A kind of medicine which contains red kojic is used in hospitals now.

What is  Red yeast rice extract used for?

1 For Medicine Product:

Functional Red Yeast Rice has the function of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.And the monascus contained therein can prevent the production of Cholesterol K.

2 For Healthy products:

Functional Red Yeast Rice has the effect of improving blood circulation,spleen digestion and blood cirulation.

3 Food Coloring:

Functional Red Rice has strong tinting strength for proteins.Therefore it often used as a coloring dye for foods.

It is widely used in Meat products, soy products and spices.It is also can be used for cooking dyeing.

Rice porridge, pasta, fermented bean curd, pastries, candies, preserves and so on.

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