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Radix notoginseng extract panax saponins powder wholesale

radix notoginseng extract

Product Name: Radix Notoginseng Powder

Latin Name: Panax Notoginseng (Burk.) F.H.Chen

Appearance: light yellow powder

CAS No.: 88105-29-7

Specs: 10%-95%

Ingredient: Ginsenoside

What is Radix notoginseng extract?

Panax notoginseng is a species of the genus Panax, and it is most commonly referred to in English as notoginseng. In Chinese it is called tian qi, tienchi ginseng, san qi or sanchi, three-seven root, and mountain paint. Notoginseng belongs to the same scientific genus as Asian ginseng.

The notoginseng we usually talked about is the dry root of Panax notoginseng. The raw ones has the function to stop bleeding and strengthen heart, relief bruising and increase new cells, reduce swelling and pain obviously; the ripe ones has the benefits to alive blood, increase blood, strengthen the body and so on.

What is radix notoginseng extract good for?

1. Panax notoginseng extract notoginsenosudes powder can ease pain;

2. Radix notoginseng extract powder can be used to stop bleeding;

3.Notoginseng saponins extract can be used to enhance the human immunity;

4.Panax notoginseng extract with the function of anti-inflammatory and resistance;

5.Radix Notoginseng Powder is credited with preventing various cerebrovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, and anti-aging

What is panax notoginseng extract used for?

1.Notoginseng root extract can applied in the health care supplements field

2.Radix notoginseng extract can applied in the medicine field

3.Notoginseng powder can applied in the food supplements

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