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Purple Sweet Potato Color nature food color agent

Purple Sweet Potato Color

Product Name:Purple Sweet Potato Color
Color Value:E30-70
Botanical Source:Purple Sweet Potato
Plant Part Used:Root
Appearance:Purple-red Fine Powder
Dosage Reference:Berverage 0.01%-0.1%, Candy: 0.05%-0.2%, Cake: 0.01%-0.1%
Solubility:100% Soluble in water

What is Purple Sweet Potato Color?

Purple sweet potato red is extracted from Ipomoea batatas root and stem immersed proposed a natural pigment, anthocyanin substances belonging by anthocyanins and sugar glycosylation reaction occurs .

Purple sweet potato is bright color natural , non-toxic , has anti-mutagenic , anti-oxidation , relieve liver dysfunction , anti-high blood sugar and other nutritional , pharmacological and health care functions , is an ideal natural food coloring resources

What function does Purple Sweet Potato Color have?

1.Purple Sweet Potato Color has superior coloring strength and good stabilization in neutral and alkali solutions.

2.Purple Sweet Potato Color has strong antibacterial action, which makes it useful in surgeries, ulcerative carcinoma, acute rhinitis and rhinosinusitis, chronic ear infections, inflammations, etc.

3.Purple Sweet Potato Color clears up odors of putrefaction effectively. It’s is the active ingredient in a number of internally-taken preparations intended to reduce odors associated with incontinence, colostomies and similar procedures, as well as body odor in general.

4.Purple Sweet Potato Color has function of cancer prevention.

5.Purple Sweet Potato Color has function of liver protection,fastening healing of stomach ulcers and intestine ulcers.

Which field does Purple Sweet Potato Color applied?

Widely applied in flour products, frozen drinks, bakery, seasoning, meat products (poultry products), solid beverages, etc.; With reference to GB2760 for details.


1,Strong coloring ability, no bitter taste, nor bad sweet potato taste;

2,Multiple nutrition, health-care, and pharmaceutical functionality;

3,Strong heat or light resistance under acid condition.

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