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Passion flower standardized extract powder for sleep wholesale

passion flower standardized extract

Product name:Passion Flower Extract

Appearance: Brown Yellow powder

Botanical Source: Passiflora incarnata L.

Specification: 5.0% Flavones ; 10:1

What is Passion Flower Extract?

Passionflower extract powder is an herb. Native to the southeastern regions of North America, passionflower is now grown throughout Europe. It is a perennial climbing vine with herbaceous shoots and a sturdy woody stem that grows to a length of nearly 10 meters.

Each flower has petals varying in color from white to pale red. Inside the petals are wreaths that form rays and surround the axis of the flower. According to folklore, the passionflower was given its name because its corona resembles the crown of thorns worn by Jesus during the crucifixion.

The passionflower’s ripe fruit is an orange-colored, multi-seeded, egg-shaped berry containing an edible, sweetish yellow pulp.

What is passion flower extract good for?

1.Passion Flower Extract is used for mood disorders,such as depression, anxiety, stress.

2.Passionflower extract powder can be used for insomnia and sleep disorders.

3.Passion flower dry extract is functional on headaches, migraines and general pain.

4.Passion flower extract for sale can treat stomach problems such as colic, nervous stomach, indigestion, etc.

5.Passionflower herb extract can relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

6.Passion flower extract powder has effect on analgesic,anti-anxiety,anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic,cough suppressant,aphrodisiac,cough suppressant, central nervous,system depressant, diuretic, hypotensive,sedative.

What is passion flower extract used for?

1.Passion flower extract is applied in food field;

2.Passion flower extract powder is applied in pharmaceutical field, mainly to treat cough, phlegm, wind-heat dizziness, nasal congestion and runny nose;

3.Passion flower standardized extract is applied in cosmetic field, use it as a major component of the lips and lipstick received more acclaim.

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