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Product Name: Olive Leaf Extract
Plant Resource: Olea Europaea L.
Product Specification:
6%~60% Oleuropein,10% 20% Hydroxytyrosol
Active Ingredient: Oleuropein , Hydroxytyrosol
Appearance: Yellow Brown fine powder
Plant Part Used: Leaf
Extract Solution: Water/ Grain alcohol

What’s Olive Leaf Extract ?

Olive Leaf Extract is one kind of natural polyphenol compounds, which has high anti-oxidant activity, it mainly exists in the fruit and leaf of olive.

Many scholars have made a good study on the pharmacological effects of hydroxytyrosol in many aspects, such as anti-cancer,antithrombotic, blood lipid regulating and anti arteriosclerosis, antiviral microorganisms, prevention and treatment of macular degeneration, protection of cartilage and anti osteoporosis.

The main market of hydroxytyrosol is mainly USA, Spain, Italy and France etc.Hydroxytyrosol is mainly applied in health products and food additives, but less in medicine.
In the future, Metabolism, absorption and utilization of hydroxytyrosol, neurohumoral regulation, free radical balance in vivo and other issues will become the focus of future research.

What is olive leaf extract good for?

1.Oliver leaft extract has safe and excellent antioxidant effect.

2. Olive extract oleuropein is good for bone development and its functions.

3.Oliver leaft extract antioxidant is effective in anti-cancer and prevent cancer related disease.

4.Oleuropein antiviral can effectively reduce and avoid the harm of smoking to human body.

5.Oliver leaft extract powder has great effect in cardiovascular health.

6.Hydroxytyrosol for sale can prevent and treat lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer, promote the recovery of cancer and improve the effect of chemotherapy.

7.Hydroxytyrosol in olive leaf extract has the effect of prevention and treatment of diseases caused by smoking.

8.Olive leaf extract has remarkable effect on the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage and so on.

9.Hydroxytyrosol can effectively enhance skin elasticity and moisturize, and has the effect of anti wrinkle and anti-aging.

What is Olive extract oleuropein used for?

Dietary supplement ; Food additives ; Health food ; Cosmetics ,Soaps , Body Care Products.

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