Project Description

Natural Tomato Powder Water-soluble

Tomato extract

Product Name:Tomato Powder
Form:Red powder
Part Used:Tomato concentrate juice
Characteristic: Water-soluble
Drying Method: Spray Dried

What is Tomato powder?

Tomato powder is a tomato-flavored compound seasoning powder. It is made into a raw sauce with high-quality cooked tomatoes. It is spray-dried to make natural tomato raw powder, which is then carefully formulated.

What function does Tomato Powder have?

1.A large consumption of tomato can help improve skin texture and color.

2.Tomato is a good blood purifier.

3.Tomato helps in cases of congestion of the liver (protects the liver from cirrhosis) as well as for dissolving gallstones.

4.Tomato is a natural antiseptic, therefore, it can help protect against infectionNicotinic acid in tomatoes can help to reduce blood cholesterol, thus helps prevent heart diseases.

5.Vitamin K in tomatoes helps to prevent hemorrhages.

6.Tomato contains lycopene (the red pigment in tomato), this pigment is a powerful antioxidant that can also fight cancer cells

Which field does Tomato Powder applied?

1.Applied in cosmetic field ,tomato extract lycopene powder used to antioxidant;

2.Applied in health food field, tomato extract lycopene powder can enhance body immunity