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Mimosa tenuiflora bark extract powder for sale cheap price

mimosa extract powder for sale

1.Product name: Mimosa hostilis root bark extract
2.Latin Name: Mimosa hostilis
3.Part of the Plant Used: The whole herbal.
4.Product Specification : 10:1,20:1
5.Appearance: Brown yellow powder
6.Extract Method: TLC.

What is Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Extract?

Mimosa Hostilis root bark has a high concentration of tannins that makes it among the most famous natural blood coagulants.

The tannins act as an astringent, which stops bleeds and helps to form new tissue.

Although the uses of the Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark are very well known, many people do not know about the amazing natural healing properties and benefits of Mimosa Hostilis Stem Bark. It holds numerous medicinal and health benefits.

What function does Mimosa hostilis root bark powder have?

1.Mimosa hostilis root bark powder can nourish kidney yang, replenish vital essence and blood, moisten the bowels to relieve constipation.

2.Mimosa extract powder also can enhance the immune system and promote body’s immunity.

3.Mimosa extract for sale powder can moisturize the intestine and relax the bowels.

4.Mimosa tenuiflora bark extract clears up the free radical and has anti-aging functions; meanwhile it can prevent arteriosclerosis.

5.Mimosa tree bark extract can relax the bowels and promote digestion.

6.Mimosa catechu extract has mutual function to glucocorticoid to adjust it to the needs of body.

7.Mimosa tenuiflora leaf extract also prevent gastric ulcer, inhibit gathering of blood platelet and is effective to AIDS.

Which field does Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Extract applied?

1. As pharmaceutical raw materials for clearing heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on, mimosa extract powder is mainly used in pharmaceutical field.

2. As products effective ingredients for improving blood circulation and soothing the nerves, mimosa tenuiflora bark extract is mainly used in health product industry.

3. As active ingredients of skin care products, mimosa catechu extract is mainly used in cosmetic industry.