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Mango juice Fruit powder

Mango powder

Mango Juice Powder
Product Name: Mango Powder ( Spray Dried)
Appearance: Yellow to Orange
Taste: Characteristic flavour
Bulk: density 0.65-0.80 g/ml

What is Mango Juice Powder?

Mango is a kind of nourishing fruit, containing sugars, protein, fats, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C, proteolytic enzyme, calcium, phosphorus, iron, organic acid, nicotinic acid, and so on. Among them, the content of vitamin C is the highest one. Mango contains one kind of special substance, called “mango enzyme protein” which could decompose protein, dissolve fibrous protein and blood clot blocking in human tissue, improve partial blood circulation, and eliminate inflammation and edema.

What function does Mango fruit Powder have?

1. Mango fruit Powder promote weight lose by suppressing appetite.

2. Mango juice Powder builds stamina, lowers cholesterol, blood sugar level, burns fat rapidly and consistently.

3.Mango fruit Powder can also be used as a diet supplement for meeting one’s nutritional requirements.

Which field does Mango juice Fruit powder applied?

For Baking

Such as bread, pancake,desserts, pizza and biscuit etc.

For Beverage

Ice cream, Juice, Smoothies, Yogurt etc.

For Direct drink

10 grams of Mango powder dissolved directly in 250 ml water.Enjoy the good taste of Mango juice powder.

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