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Lotus leaf extract powder nuciferine for weight loss wholesale

lotus leaf extract weight loss

Product name: Nuciferine
Part Used: Leaf
Latin Name: Nelumbo Nucifera Gaern.
Active ingredients: Nuciferine; Flavonoids
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Specification: Nuciferine 2%-98%; Flavonoids 20%-50%
Test method: HPLC;UV
CAS No.: 475-83-2

What is Lotus leaf extract?

Lotus leaf extract is the powdered extract from the dry leaves of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.

High quality & low price 100% natural organic lotus leaf extract’s main content are Nuciferine, lemon acid and oxalate, etc.

High quality & low price 100% natural organic lotus leaf extract has Nuciferine which has mainly an anti-obesity effect.

Pharmacodynamics study shows that lotus leaf extract can act as a diuretic purge. Besides, the lotus leaf extract can relieve intestinal poisoning, reduce the fat of the body, and can also eliminate the heat-stroke.

In addition, the lotus leaf extract can reduce serum triglycerides and cholesterol content of calcitriol with lipid regulating health role.

The lotus leaf extract has a significant reducing-weight effect without any side-effects.

What function does Nuciferine Powder Lotus Leaf Extract have?

1. Nuciferine Powder Lotus Leaf Extract can protect the heart and assist in weight loss.

2. Lotus Leaf Extract can relieve summer-heat, anticoagulant and antidote in medicine.

3. Lotus leaf extract for sale with the function of diuretic and laxative.

4. Treat hyperlipemias, obesities, pneumonia, baby diarrhea and wean summer hot, etc.

Which field does Nuciferine applied?

1. Lotus maritimus flower/leaf extract is applied in food filed, it is widely used as loose weight and keep healthy.

2. Lotus leaf extract powder is applied in pharmaceutical field, it can treat arthritis and postpartum syndrome.

3. Lotus leaf extract for sale is applied in cosmetic field, it is widely added into cosmetics.1. Rhamnose can be used to test the permeability of intestinal tract.

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