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1.What is phycocyanin?

Phycocyanin  is a natural blue extracted from spirulina.

Phycocyanin is a pigment-protein complex from the light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family, along with allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin.

It is an accessory pigment to chlorophyll.

blue Phycocyanin powder

2.Is phycocyanin water soluble?


Phycocyanin is a water-soluble pigment, non-toxic, pure, lovely clear.

3.What is phycocyanin good for?

Phycocyanin is not only bright colors, but in itslf is a nutritious protein, amino acid composition range, high content of essential amino acids.

Phycocyanin can improve immunity, keep full vitality,enrich the blood, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, resist radiation, strengthen metabolism, discharge toxin,etc.

Phycocyanin can promote healthy levels of cholesterol resulting in improved cardiovascular function.

4.What is phycocyanin used for?

Phycocyanin is a colour food ingredient permitted by the European Union. And it is the only edible natural blue pigment approved by FDA.

Phycocyanin also applied in cosmetic field, it is able to nourish and cure the skin.

5.How much is phycocyanin powder?

Phycocyanin powder have different specifications.

Color Value: E6, E18, E25,E40

Different color Value,different price.

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