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1.What is kojic acid dipalmitate?

Kojic acid dipalmitate is modified kojic acid derivative,which not only overcomes the instability to light, heat and metallic ion, but also keeps the inhibitory tyrosinase activity and prevents the forming of melanin.

Kojic acid palmitate is almost compatible with any preservatives and sunscreens used for cosmetics. It blends well with Vitamin C, alpha arbutin, and Vitamin C derivatives to get a better-whitening effect. Researches have shown that the combined-whitening-effect increased exponentially.

Kojic acid vs kojic acid dipalmitate

2.Kojic acid vs kojic acid dipalmitate

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate does not oxidise easily as compared to Kojic Acid, it is not sensitive to pH, light, heat and oxidation and does not react with metal ions resulting in color changes.

Kojic acid dipalmitate is more stable than kojic free acid.

Kojic acid kojic acid dipalmitate

3.How to dissolve kojic acid dipalmitate powder?

Kojic acid dipalmitate a lipid-soluble substance insoluble in water or ethanol, if you want to use it for skin-whitening, you must choose oil-based lotions or serums, or it will not be dissolved and absorbed by your skin to achieve whitening effects.

Dissolve the powder in a white oil (such as cosmetic grade mineral oil or paraffin liquid) before adding to a cream or oil-based formulation. We recommend dissolving and heating the powder in Grapeseed oil before trying to mix it into your lotion or cream base.

Kojic acid kojic acid dipalmitate difference

4.How to use kojic acid dipalmitate?

Dosage (Range): 1% – 5%

Recommended Dosage: 3%

Once or twice daily

You should aim to use no more than 2-5% of any of our skin lightening additives in a single formulation. Using more than necessary can be counterproductive. Calculating percentages in a lotion is very straightforward, and guidelines have been shown below.

To make a 2% lotion, use 2grams of the Kojic Acid Dipalmitate Powder in a 100gram base lotion.

To make a 5% lotion, use 5grams of the Kojic Acid Dipalmitate Powder in a 100gram base lotion.

5.Where to buy kojic acid dipalmitate?

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