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L proline amino acid powder bulk for sale

l proline amino acid

Product Name:L-Proline
CAS NO.:147-85-3
EINECS NO.:205-702-2
Molecular formula:C5H9NO2
Molecular weight:115.1305
Boiling point:252.2°C at 760 mmHg
Other Name:L-Proline; H-Pro-OH; (S)-Pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid; 2-Pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid; Proline; L-(-)-proline

What is L – proline powder?

L – proline (proline) is one of 18 kinds of amino acids the human body protein synthesis, room temperature is colorless to white crystal or crystalline powder, slight odor, taste sweet, soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in ether and isopropyl alcohol and butanol, soluble in mineral acids.

Amino acid is a general term for a class of organic compounds containing amino and carboxyl, the existence of the amino acids in the human body, not only provides the important raw material for protein synthesis, and to promote growth, normal metabolism and provides a material basis to sustain life.

What is l-proline good for?

1. L-proline powder is an osmoprotectant and therefore is used in many pharmaceutical, biotechnological applications.
In brewing, proteins rich in proline combine with polyphenols to produce haze.

2. L-proline amino acid is one of the important amino acids for synthesizing human protein.

It is widely used in the food and medical industry, and is an important intermediate for synthesizing ACE inhibitors such as Captopril and       Enalapril. It is also one of the important raw materials of amino acid transfusion.

3.L-proline powder has been used universally as food additive, catalyst and raw materials of fine chemical industry.

What is L-Proline powder used for?

1. L-Proline powder is a major component of collagen.

2. L proline amino acid can be used in medicine.

L-Proline is one of the raw material compound amino acid infusion. It is used for malnutrition, protein deficiency, protein supplements serious gastrointestinal diseases, burns and after surgery. No significant side effects.

3. L-Proline powder can improve plant cold tolerance.

4. L proline amino acide can repair the enamel.

5. L-Proline powder can be used as nutritional supplements, flavor enhancers.

Occurring amino sugar were hot -carbonyl reaction, it can generate a special flavor substances.