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Kojic acid powder skin lightening cheap price

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Product Name:Kojic Acid

Purity: 99%min

CAS No.:501-30-4

Appearance: Off White Powder


Application: Cleanser, lotion, cream, etc

Grade: Pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade

What is kojic acid powder?

Kojic acid, also known as aspergillic acid, kojic acid, is a specific inhibitor of melanin, it can enter the skin cells and cells in the copper ion complex, change the three-dimensional structure of tyrosinase, prevent the activation of tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the formation of melanin.

Kojic acid surfactants have better tyrosinase inhibition than other surfactants.It does not act on other biological enzymes in the cell and has no toxic effect on the cell.

At the same time, it can also enter into the interstitium of the cell and form the intercellular glia, which plays a role in water retention and skin elasticity.

At present, it has been added into various cosmetics to make whitening cosmetics for freckles, old age spots, pigmentation and acne.

What function does kojic acid have?

1. Kojic acid powder can inhibit tyrosinase synthesis, so it can largely inhibit the skin melanin formation;

2. Kojic acid for skin is able to eliminate the free radicals in the human body, strengthen the activity of the leucocyte;

3.Kojic acid have ideal effect in easing pain, relieving inflammation and curing many diseases;

Which field does kojic acid applied?

1. Applied in Agriculture.

kojic acid powder is used in producing biological pesticides;

2. Applied in Medicine.

kojic acid has been used as the an important material of cephalosporin-type antibiotics;

3. Applied in other fields.

kojic acid for skin is also used as iron analytical reagent and film spotting agent, etc;

4. Applied in Cosmetics.

kojic acid powder has been widely added into the lotion, face mask, liquid cream and skin cream. Recommendation usage for cosmetics: 0.2~1.0%;

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