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kelp extract powder

Product name:Kelp extract


Appearance:Brown powder

Test Method:TLC

What is sea kelp extract?

Kelp extract can also be used to make kelp soy sauce, kelp sauce, flavor powder, and can also be processed into crisps, and kelp crisps become a new marine snack food. The Japanese use kelp extract as an additive to food such as red sausage. In industry, kelp is used to extract potassium salt, alginate, and mannitol to replace flour sizing and sizing, as a clarifying agent in wine making, and also as a medical product and skin care product. Kelp extract can also be made into weight loss cream or massage cream, which is safe without dieting pain and no side effects.

What’s the benefits of kelp extract powder?

1. Kelp extract can enhance the immune system

2. Kelp extract powder can help decrease high blood-sugar and cholesterol levels

3.Brown kelp extract detoxify the body from heavy metals,radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins

4. Kelp extract for sale help protect against thyroid cancer and other carcinoma diseases

5.Kelp extract iodine help those who are overweight by improving the function of gastrointestinal tract

6.Kelp extract buy online reduce the risk of catching hepatic fibrosis

7.Kelp extract powder help detoxify smokers from strontium and cadmium

What is kelp extract used for?

1. Food field;
2. Health product field;
3. Health care field.

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