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Kava extract powder 30% kavalactones cheap price

kava extract powder cheap

Product Name: Kavalactone
CAS NO.: 84696-40-2
Botanical Source: Piper methysticum Extracting
Latin name : Piper methyticum L
Appearance:Light Yellow Fine powder
Used Part: Root
Active ingredient : kavalactone
Specification: 30% HPLC
Molecular Formula: C15H14O5
Molecular Weight: 274.269

What is Kava Extract?

Kava is a medicinal plant, native to the Pacific islands, is a kind of pepper, the stems used in the treatment of pain.

Studies have shown that kava can be used for people’s anxiety and the treatment of nervous system disorders. Previous research has shown that it can significantly improve the spirit, enhance memory and cognitive abilities.

Kava is classified as non-prescription drugs or prescription drugs in Europe and the United States.

The active ingredients that make kava extract so effective against anxiety are kavalactones which are found in the plant’s roots.

They have the ability to improve mood by increasing dopamine levels.

What function does kavalactones extract have?

1.Kava extract has the function of anti-cancer, kava extract appears to kill prostate cancer cells in culture.

2.Kavalactones can be used for weight loss, kava extract can promote weight loss by reducing the accumulation of fat and other health foods.

3.Kavalactones in kava is an ideal dietary supplement. Kava extract can be used as food coloring agents.

4.Kavalactones from kava has strong anti-diabetes effects.

5.Kavalactones active ingredient is usefull for anti-oxidation.

Which field does Kavalactones Powder applied?

(1) Widely applied in health drinks

(2) Mainly used in removing tension and stress and easing muscular tone.

Kava P.E. are often consumed through preparing kava as an herbal tea, prepared by straining a mixture of water and shredded, pounded, dried root and/or stump.

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