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Houttuynia cordata extract skincare pure natural powder for sale

houttuynia cordata powder

Product:Houttuynia cordata Extract
Latin Name:Houttuynia cordata Thunb.
Appearance: Yellowish-brown fine Powder
Odor: Characteristic
Taste: Characteristic
Test Method: by TLC

What is houttuynia cordata extract?

Herba Houttuyniae is a herb included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, which is derived from the dry ground part of the three white herba plant. In summer, the stems and leaves are luxuriant and flowers are cut for many times to remove impurities and dry.

Herba Houttuyniae is able to clear heart and detoxify, eliminate swelling and cure sores, diuresis and dehunidification, heat clearing, diarrhea and stomach invigorating. It can be used to treat lung carbuncle

What is houttuynia cordata extract good for?

1. Houttuynia cordata extract can remove toxic heat, to promote the drainange of pus, and to relieve dysuria.

2. Houttuynia cordata powder can cure Lung abscess with purulent expectoration.

3. Houttuynia cordata extract powder heat in the lung with cough and dyspnea.

4. Houttuynia cordata extract for sale can cure acute dysentery; acute urinary infection.

5. Houttuynia cordata extract relieves Carbuncles and sores.

What is houttuynia cordata extract used for?

1.Houttuynia cordata extract powder is applied in food field, as a fresh material can produce unique dishes.

2. Houttuynia cordata extract is applied in pharmaceutical field, market also has its injection with the function of detoxification.

3.Houttuynia cordata extract for sale is applied in cosmetic field, effectively removing aged cutin and redundant grease.