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Gotu kola extract powder asiaticoside cheap price

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Product name:Hydrocotyle Asiatica Extract/Gotu Kola Extract

Latin name:Centella asiatica (L.) Urban

Part used:Dry grass or root grass

Appearance: white fine powder

Active ingredient: Asiaticoside

Specification: 95%

Test method:HPLC

What is Gotu Kola Extract?

Madecassoside is an extract of Centella asiatica. It can treat depression,burn scars,fight cancer, prevent coronary heart disease,myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, and cerebral infarction. It can also enhance memory and whiten skin.

What is gotu kola extract good for?

1. Gotu kola extract or centella asiatica extract powder with the use of anti-infective agent;

2. Gotu kola extract bulk powder have sedative and tranquillizing effect ;

3. Centella asiatica (gotu kola) leaf extract is used to induce diuresis and reducing edema;

4. Gotu kola extract centella asiatica extract powder with the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials;

5. Gotu kola extract powder is used to promote collagen form and make the skin smooth and elastic.

What is gotu kola extract used for?

1.Applied in beverages field.

2.Applied in cosmetics field.

3.Applied in health products field.

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