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ginkgo biloba extract powder

Product Name: Ginkgo Biloba Extract
24%Flavonoids, 6%Lactones

USP Standard:
Flavonoids22%-27% Lactones5.4%-12.0%
Ginkgo acid ≤5ppm
Rutin ≤4.0%
Free Quercatin≤0.5%

European Standard:
Flavonoids22%-27% Lactones5.4%-6.6%
Lactones(A+B+C) ≥2.8-3.4%
Ginkgo acid ≤5ppm

What is Ginkgo Biloba Extract?

Ginkgo biloba is one of the world’s oldest living tree species. The earliest record of the use of Ginkgo Biloba leaves as a medicine is mentioned in the Chinese Materia Medical Shen Nung Pen Tsao Ching, as an aid for blood circulation and disorders of lungs. They are also used for chilblains and as a wound plaster. With the advent and popularization of antioxidant theory in recent years, Ginkgo biloba has rapidly become one of the most widely used health supplements in the world.

It is a dry leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba ginkgo, a light yellow brown powder. China is the hometown of Ginkgo biloba. At present, China’s Ginkgo biloba resources account for 70% of the world. Ginkgo biloba is used as a Chinese herbal medicine in the folk. It was first seen in the fourteenth century “Japanese herbal medicine” and is mainly used for cough, asthma and inflammation

What is ginkgo biloba extract good for?

1.Ginkgo biloba extract is benefit for cataract.

2.It is benefit for brain conditions, Alzheimer’s disease.

3.Ginkgo biloba extract egb 761 is erectile dysfunction, impotence, problems with erections.

4.It is antioxidant.

5.Ginkgo biloba leaf extract is benefit for anxiety.

6.Benefit for memory and cognitive decline and dementia.

7.It attenuates oxLDL-induced oxidative functional damages in endothelial cells.

8.High quality ginkgo biloba extract has anti estrogenic activities.

9.Ginkgo biloba extract dietary supplement has remarkable benefit for heart related disease.

What is ginkgo biloba extract used for?

ginkgo biloba leaf extract powder

1) Applied in health products field, as raw material of health product, ginkgo extract has obvious effect on delaying aging, enhance immunity and improve microcirculation;

2) Applied in pharmaceutical field, used to treat cardiovascular disease and dementia.

3) Applied in cosmetic field, because of its antioxidants or disarm free radicals is widely used in cosmetics to prevent aging.

4) Ginkgo biloba extract powder can be used for treating stomach ache, bronchitis, diarrhea,high blood pressure, nervous and respiratory diseases such as asthma.

5) In health product field, ginkgo biloba leaf extract can effectively reduce breast pain and emotional instability.

6) Functional foods areas: protecting vascular endothelial tissue, regulating blood lipids.

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