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Erythritol powder a natural zero-calorie sweetener for weight loss

erythritol a natural zero-calorie sweetener

Product name:Erythritol Powder

CAS No:149-32-6


Molecular Formula:C4H10O4

Molecular Weight:122.1198

What is Erythritol powder?

Erythritol, sugar alcohol is a kind of newly developed 4 carbon sugar alcohol, can be made by the fermentation of glucose.

White crystalline powder, with a sweet and refreshing, not easy to moisture absorption, high temperature stability.

Stable in a wide PH range, dissolve in the mouth with a mild cool feeling, suitable for a variety of food.

What function does Erythritol Powder have?

(1)Low sweetness.

The sweetness of erythritol is only 60% to 70% of sucrose, and the entrance has a cool taste, pure taste and no aftertaste.

(2)High stability

The acid and heat are very stable, the acid and alkali resistance are very high, and the decomposition and change will not occur under the temperature of 329 degrees.

(3)High solution heat

Erythritol is dissolved in water with an endothermic effect. The solution heat is only 97.4KJ/KG, which is higher than the absorption heat of glucose and sorbitol, and has a cool feeling when eaten.

(4)High solubility

25 ℃ erythritol, the solubility of sugar alcohol is 36% (W/W), erythritol, sugar alcohols solubility
increases, a rise of temperature than glucose, mannose, Arabian sugar alcohols solubility is high, easy to crystallization precipitation crystals.

(5)Low hygroscopicity

Erythritol, sugar alcohol is very easy to crystallization, but none in 90% humidity environment moisture absorption, easy to crush get powder products, can be used for sour food surface to prevent moisture absorption.

Which field does Erythritol applied?

1) Sugar-free gum, soft drink, ice-cream

2) All kinds of candies, dessert

3) Baking and roasting foods

4) Diet foods

5) Low-caloric foods

6) Food items for diabetics

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