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Deoxyarbutin powder cheap price for skin whitening

deoxyarbutin for skin

Product Name:Deoxyarbutin


Grade Standard :Cosmetic grade


Appearance:White powder

What is Deoxyarbutin?

Deoxyarbutin is a new generation of cosmetics bright skin whitening agent, mainly used for advanced whitening cosmetics,it can effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity, regulate the production of melanin, overcome the pigmentation, fade skin black spot, with fast and lasting skin whitening effect.

DNA arbutin also has strong antioxidant effect. DNA arbutin on tyrosinase inhibitory effect is superior to other whitening agent, whitening effect is arbutin 350 times, 150 times of kojic acid,hydroquinone 10 times, its security is higher and more stable, compared to the former not only non-toxic, non-irritating to skin,but also easily absorbed by skin, rarely use can present a beautiful white skin effect, is considered to be a very safe cosmetics whitening agent.

What is deoxyarbutin powder good for?

1.Deoxyarbutin powder can improve the metabolism of sunburn skin caused by radiation.

2.Deoxyarbutin for skin can evidently diminish the pigmentation caused by ultra-violet radiation.

3.Deoxyarbutin powder restrains the melanogenesis through the cells poisoning reaction on melanin cells, and the blocking mechanism on tyrosinase.

4.Deoxyarbutin can diminish the senile yellowish brown plaque, also effective for lentigines diminishing.

What is deoxyarbutin powder used for?

1. High-end and ordinary cosmetics

Due to the remarkable whitening effect of arbutin on the skin, arbutin is widely used in cosmetics and has obvious effects. It has been recognized by the European and American markets for many years.

2. Anti-inflammatory spray

Arbutin has a certain bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, for scratches, skin pox, etc., there are special arbutin anti-inflammatory spray response.

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