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Cynomorium songaricum extract powder for men’s health wholesale

cynomorium songaricum extract

Latin name: Cynomorium songaricum Rupr
Common name: Cynomorium Extract
Product Specification:
Ratio: 10:1,20:1
Straight Powder
Appearance: Red Brown Fine Powder
Test Method: TLC
Part Used: Herb

What is Songaria Cynomorium Extract?

Songaria Cynomorium Herb is a parasitic perennial flowering plant in the Cynomoriaceae, a family consisting of only one species in the genus Cynomorium.

The plant has no chlorophyll and is unable to photosynthesise. It is a geophyte, spending most of its life underground, in the form of a rhizome, which is attached to the roots of its host plant; it is a holoparasite.

It grows in dry,rocky or sandy soils, often in salt marshes or other saline habitats close to the coast. It has had a wide variety of uses in European, Arabic and Chinese herbal medicine.

What function does Songaria Cynomorium Extract have?

1. Songaria Cynomorium Extract have the function of increasing the endocrine and humoral immune, it can tonify kidney.

2.SongariaCynomorium has the function of relaxing bowels. With its inorganicions , it can promote intestinal peristalsis
apparently .

3.Cynomorium Songaricum have the function of improving the lipid peroxide enzymes and scavenging free radicals, it can help

4.Songaria Cynomorium Extract have the function of hypoxia, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor.

5.Songaria Cynomorium have two ways adjustment to glucocorticoid.

Which field does Songaria Cynomorium Extract applied?

1.Pharmaceuticals ingredients

2.Health Care products ingredients

3.Functional food ingredients

4.Food and beverage additives

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