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Corn silk extract zea mays powder for weight loss cheap price

organic corn silk alcohol extract

Product Name:Corn Silk Extract

Extract Ratio:10:1, 20:1

Part Used:Corn Silk

Appearance:Yellow Brown Powder

What is Corn Silk Extract?

Corn Silk Extract can be used in conditions of high uric acid such as gout and some types of arthritis. It help to reduce conditions of painful swelling. It is used for a wide range of genito-urinary complaints, but it is often combined with herbs that have more antiseptic qualities,while Cornsilk helps soothe irritated tissue.

Even though it is diuretic, it can also benefit frequent urination by soothing bladder irritation. Chinese research indicates that Cornsilk reduces hypertension and reduces blood clotting time.

What are the benefits of corn silk extract?

1.Corn silk extract has a choleretic effect, increase bile secretion and promote bile excretion, can reduce organic and impurity in bile.

2.Zea mays (corn) silk extract can increase the excretion of chloride.The diuretic effect is mainly outside of the kidney, to the kidney function is very weak.

3.Manfaat corn silk extract has hemostasis effect,can accelerate the process of blood coagulation, increase blood levels of thrombin increased platelet count.

4.Corn silk extract has lowering blood pressure and blood glucose effect, the fermentation preparation of corn stigma has a very significant reduction in blood sugar to rabbit.

What is corn silk extract used for?

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, corn silk extract can be used as medicine to treat uncomplicated chronic cholecystitis.

2. Applied in health food field,zea mays (corn) silk extract can be made into preparations to play diuretic and antihypertensive function.

3. Applied in food field, corn powder antimicrobial activity in a specific environment is stability, therefore can be used as a potential food preservative

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