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Cistanche tubulosa deserticola extract powder cheap price wholesale

cistanche extract powder

Product Name:Cistanche deserticola extract
Part Used: Succulent stem
Test Method:TLC
Appearance:Brown fine powder
Specification: 10:1
Application: Pharmaceutical, health care products
Shelf Life: 24(month)
Extract solvent: Grain alcohol/Water

What is Cistanche Deserticola Extract?

Desertliving Cistanche Herb Extract features in the daily diet of the human being who enjoy one of the longest life in the world. Cistanche tubulosa play an important role for their longevity.

What function does Cistanche deserticola extract have?

1.Cistanche extract powder can enhance the ability of sex, arouse sexual;

2.Cistanche tubulosa extract powder improves brain function, learning and memory function, improves their ability to remember
and extract memorised information;

3.Cistanche salsa extract has echinacoside which is one of its active principles,protects damaged fibroblasts by
controlling levels of reactive oxygen species ;

4.Cistanche tubulosa extract (root)has an anti-ageing effect by inhibiting activity of reactive oxygen species.

Which field does Cistanche Deserticola Extract applied?

1.Applied in health product field to improve memeory.

2.Applied in pharmaceutical field as Hepatoprotective and kidney strenthing medicine.