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Chaga extract powder cheap price for sale

wild chaga mushroom extract powder

Name:Wild Chaga Extract

Plant Origin: phaeoporus obliquus/Inonotus Obliquus

Appearance :Brown fine powder

Specification Available:Polysccharide 10% 20% 30% 40%;5:1 &10:1

What is Wild Chaga Extract ?

Chaga mushroom is know world wide as “the king of herbs”. As a traditional medicine chaga mushroom is used for a wide variety of ailments but like all traditional medicines it can be hard to identify facts from fiction. This power point is designed to help interested customers better understand the claims and compounds associated with chaga. Chaga is FDA approved for human consumption.

Chaga is unique among medicinal mushrooms and may be one of the most important anti-aging supplements yet discovered. Like all medicinal mushrooms, Chaga contains the non-linear, complex polysaccharides that give the Chaga extracts potent immune supporting properties. However, Chaga also has an extremely high ORAC value (antioxidant properties), similar to that of blueberry extracts.

What are the benefits of chaga mushroom extract?

1. Wild chaga mushroom extract can Prevent and treat cancer

2.Wild siberian chaga extractcan Stimulate the immune system

3. Wild chaga mushroom extract potent anti-viral

4.Wild siberian chaga extractcan Improve physical endurance

5.Wild chaga mushroom powder is inflammation reducer.

6. Chaga Extract  can Enhance the health of your skin, keeping it beautiful and supple

7.Chaga Polysaccharide can Relieve Indigestion and other gastrointestinal pain

What is wild chaga mushroom extract used for ?

chaga extract benefits

1) Wild chaga mushroom extract has been used to remedy in the treatment of stomach-intestinal tract diseases and as a palliative remedy for tumours of different location

2) Wild chaga mushroom powder used to cure skin diseases, especially in the case when they are combined with inflammatory diseases of the stomach-intestinal tract, liver and biliary colic.

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