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Catuaba bark extract powder for sale cheap price

catuaba extract for sale

Product name: Catuaba Extract

Botanical source: Trichilia catigua

Use Part: bark

Appearance: Brown Yellow fine powder


Specification: 10:1, 20:1

Test Method: TLC

What is Catuaba bark extract?

Catuaba is a kind of small trees grow in southern Brazil. Catuaba bark used in herbal medicine as a popular aphrodisiac because they are already has a long history.

Indigenous tribes in the amazon rainforest and Brazilian generations of urban residents has been using it as a kind of natural herbal therapy increase libido. Catuaba role is another major could be used to treat the general exhaustion and fatigue, anxiety, and poor memory.

What is catuaba extract good for?

1.Catuaba extract powder have anti-fatigue effect,
2.Catuaba alcohol extract can improving sex function,
3.Improving memory,
4.Curing insomnia,
5.Catuaba bark extract can cure neurasthenia,
6.Enhance the ability of reproductive system organs,
7.Boosting male virility,
8.Catuaba bark extract powder can cure infertility and sperm quality falls,
9.Curing sexual dysfunction /ED,
10.Curing prostatic diseases

Which field does Catuaba bark extract applied?

1. Functional tea and drinks

2. Pharmaceutical ingredients

3. Health care products ingredients

4. Cosmetic field

5. Dietary supplements

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