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Capsanthin nature food color chilli Extract


Product Name:Capsanthin
Other name :Paprika red ,Capsanthin
Latin Name:Capsicum Annuum Linn
Molecular formula:C40H56O3
Specification] 4:1~20:1 5%-95% Capsaicinoids
Extract Part: Whole Pepper
Appearance:Dark red fine powder

What is Capsanthin?

Capsanthin is a natural red pigment extracted from chilli pepper.

It is wildly used in food and cosmetic industry and confirmed as a natural and safe colorant.

Capsanthin Alias Pepper red, is a fruit that exists in the ripe red peppers of the tetraterpene orange red pigment, is a carotenoid pigment.

Among them, the more polar red components are capsanthin and capsanthin, accounting for 50% -60% of the total, and the other is the less polar yellow component mainly composed of carotene and corn yellow Quality, they have vitamin A activity.

Capsanthin is not only bright color, high color value, strong coloring, good color retention effect, it is widely used in coloring of various kinds of foods such as aquatic products, meat, cakes, salads, cans and beverages, and can effectively prolong the simulation food Shelf life; and high safety, with nutritional health effects.

What function does Capsanthin have?

1. Capsanthin used in beverages, jelly, soy sauce and sugar and other foods, not only on the human body without toxic side effects, and can increase the body of carotenoids, have a certain nutritional value.

2.It is characterized by uniform coloring, stable property, vivid color, bright brightness and good brightness. It has broad application prospects in the food industry, especially in soy sauce and other foods.

3. Capsanthin in food coloring effect is good, both with good stability and has excellent coloring effect, but also easy to manufacture, do not need additives drink pepper pigment preparation.

4.Capsanthin can also be used in the simulation of food, its stability, light resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali can better solve the fading problem of simulated food processing, which effectively prolongs the shelf life of food, and has a wide range of sources and prices Cheap, is a simulation of food in a more ideal edible natural pigment.

Which field does Capsanthin applied?

1.Mainly used for feed chicken make their skin, fat, foot, egg yolk more bright.

2.The product is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, so it has the function of health care.

3.Capsanthin is widely used in aquatic products, meat, pastries, salads, canned food, beverage and other various types of food and medicine coloring.

4. Capsanthin also can be used for cosmetics production.

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