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Can St.John’s Wort extract cure depression?

Yes,the answer is positive.

St John’s wort also named Hypericum perforatum extract smells good, bitter taste, easy to dissolve in water.It’s main specification is 0.3% Hypericin.

St John’s wort extract can be used as a safe neurotrophic product to prevent depression, regulate affective disorders and mood disorders, eliminate tension and depression, restore self-confidence and improve sleep.

St. John’s wort has a good safety record as a folk herb for centuries. Compared with synthetic antidepressants, there is no report of death caused by taking Hypericum perforatum.

Drug follow-up studies on more than 7,000 patients and 27 double-blind research trials have confirmed its safety. The widespread use of Hypericum perforatum in nearly a million people has not reported serious side effects.

The German medical community first adopted Hypericum perforatum as an antidepressant prescription drug.

According to the latest experimental study results, it is further confirmed that the active ingredient Hypericin (Hypericiane-Extract) extracted from Hypericum perforatum can treat patients with moderate depression, and there are few adverse side effects.