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Butterfly pea flower powder wholesale for sale

butterfly pea flower organic

Product name:Butterfly Pea Powder
Latin name:Clitoria Ternatea L
Grade:Food/Cosmetic Grade
Active components:
Anthocyan, VA, VC, VE
Solubility:Soluble in water
Appearance:Blue Fine Powder

What is butterfly pea flower powder ?

Butterfly pea flower powder is one of the best natural blue pigments for beverages and food. It is made from dried flowers of clitoria ternatea, which is also called blue pea, butterfly pea, asian pigeonwings, bluebellvine, cordofan pea and darwin pea. The butterfly pea flower powder is water soluble and it is free of calories, fat and sugar.

What is Butterfly pea powder good for?

1.Butterfly pea flower powder wholesale is rich in vitamin A,C and E, which can improve immunity, help and promote skin elasticity and collagen.

2.Butterfly pea powder has many natural health care effects. such as promoting the brain vitality, preventing the stomach pain, anti-depression, anti-pressure, calm, the anticonvulsion, alleviating the mood and so on.

3.Butterfly pea powder organic also can be natural food coloring, which is widely used in tea business, drinks,food,etc..

What is Butterfly pea powder used for?

1.Flavors in seasoning packets for betterfly pea powder can keep the original flavors

2.Colors in ice cream, cakes for beautiful white color of butterfly pea powder

3.Applied in drink mix, infant food, dairy product, bakery, candy and others

4.To make colorful tablets with butterfly pea powder

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