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Buckwheat extract fagopyrum esculentum powder antioxidant cheap price

buckwheat seed extract

Product name: Buckwheat Extract
Latin Name: Rhizoma Fagopyri Dibotryis
Part used:seed
Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder
Active Ingredient: Flavone
Test method:UV

What is Tartary Buckwheat extract?

Buckwheat is not only a kind of food, but also a valuable plant for health care. Buckwheat flavonoids is extracted from the seed of Fagopyrum tataricum. This ingredient can well control blood sugar and prevent diabetes. It shows the effects of lowering the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, therefore protecting against heart disease, atherosclerosis, ischemic strike, obesity and premature death. It’s also helpful in preventing gallstons, inhibiting cancer and leukemia.

Buckwheat is a natural herbal medicine or food crops in China, Due to its special growth environment, buckwhea itself is rich in selenium, also it has the effect of natural selenium which necessary for human body, and has excellent effect of nutrition health care value and the special diet.

What is Tartary Buckwheat extract good for?

1.Tartary Buckwheat extract can lower blood sugar and blood fat.

2.Buckwheat extract has remarkable benefit in cardiovascular health.

3.Buckwheat malt extract improves the contractile and diastolic functions of vascular smooth muscle.

4.Buckwheat extract can dilate blood vessels, maintain the resistance of capillaries,reduce their permeability and brittleness, promote cell proliferation and prevent the agglutination of blood cells.

5.Pure buckwheat extract structure of flavonoids conforms to the effective phenolic hydroxyl theory and has strong free radical scavenging ability.

6.Tartary buckwheat extract is beneficial for liver health.

7.Buckwheat seed extract is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation.

What is Tartary Buckwheat extract used for?

1.Buckwheat extract is applied in functional food and beverages.

2.Tartary buckwheat extract is applied in dietary supplement for weight loss and cardiovascular health.

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