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Blue Phycocyanin powder spirulina extract natural food pigment

Phycocyanin Powder

Product Name: Phycocyanin

Source: Spirulina

Botanical Source:Arthrospira Platensis

Color Value: E3, E6, E18, E25

PH: 4.5-8.0

Solubility:100% water soluble

Storage Temperature: 5°C~20°C

What is Phycocyanin?

Phycocyanin  is a natural blue extracted from spirulina. It is a water-soluble pigment, non-toxic, pure, lovely clear.

Not only bright colors, but in itslf is a nutritious protein, amino acid composition range, high content of essential amino acids.

It can improve immunity, keep full vitality,enrich the blood, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, resist radiation, strengthen metabolism, discharge toxin,etc.
So, it is vividly called ‘food diamond’ by food experts. Popular uesd in food coloring, health products, medicines and cosmetics.

It is a colour food ingredient permitted by the European Union. And it is the only edible natural blue pigment approved by FDA.

What is phycocyanin good for?

1. Phycocyanin powder can cleanse and detox our bodies from causes of stress.

2. Phycocyanin  spirulina promote a healthy immune system and antioxidant activity.

3. Phycocyanin algae restores natural body weight by satisfying the body’s need for complete and genuine nutrition.

4. Phycocyanin antioxidant  help to delay senility for the elderly.

5. Spirulina phycocyanin reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing inflammation within the body.

6. The rich source of zeaxanthin in Spirulina is especially good for the eyes.

7. Aids in detoxification and natural cleansing of the body.

8.Phycocyanin extract promotes healthy levels of cholesterol resulting in improved cardiovascular function.

What is Phycocyanin used for?

(1) Food field.

Phycocyanin  powder contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can help body with better health care;

(2) Pharmaceutical field.

There are various forms existed, such as tablets,capsules and powder, these can prevent various of diseases;

(3) Cosmetic field.

Phycocyanin  extract is able to nourish and cure the skin.

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