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Black goji berry powder organic 100% nature for sale

black goji berry powder

Product Name:Black Wolfberry Extract/Black Goji Berry Extract
Botanical Source:Lycium barbarum L.
Appearance:Dark Purple fine powder
Used Part:Fruit
Active Ingredients: Anthocyanidin

What is Black goji berry powder?

Black goji berry is a magical biological resource, which is used as nutraceutical & pharmaceuticalingredients. According the research, the black goji berry contains carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, ascor-bic acid, β-sitosterol, linoleic acid, zeaxanthine, betaine, wintercherry haematochrome and etc. The amino acids in black goji berry, mostly free amino acid, are much higher than goji berry, can be fully absorb by human body. Besides, the minerals and microelements: Ca, Fe, P, Cu, Zn are also of highcontent.

Modern scientists have extensively studied wolfberry fruits for their nutrients and medical benefits. They have further substantiated the ancient medical applications such as maintaining healthy immune system (including specific and non-specific immune response), improving eye conditions, support liver function, maintaining healthy blood pressure and blood sugar

What is Black Goji Berry Extract good for?

1. Black Goji Powder increase blood flow and blood vessel elasticity;

2. Black goji berry powder can Anti-oxidant and anti-aging;

3.Organic black goji berry powder can Improve eye conditions;

4. Decrease thrombus and blood aggregation;

5. Black goji berry powder is Good for heart, liver, kidney and other organs of the human body;

6.Black Wolfberry extract canIncrease sexual ability.

What is  Black Wolfberry extract powder used for?

1. In the Food & Beverage Industry, made into desserts, coffee, drinks, etc.

2. In the nutraceutical field made into kinds of healthcare supplement products.

3. In the pharmaceutical field, used as herbal medicine and ingredients for drugs.

4. In the cosmetic industry, as raw material for personal care products.

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