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Banana fruit powder water soluble

Banana powder

Product Name:banana powder

Specification:100% Natural

Appearance:Light yellow powder

What is Banana fruit powder?

Banana can alleviate psychological pressure, make people feels happy. It also can prevent apoplexia and high blood pressure. 5 bananas everyday the effect is same as 50% of the hypotensive drugs. Banana is rich in VA which keeps healthy of our skin and hair. Banana also contains almost all kinds of vitamin and mineral substance and fiber. It is the best fruit for weight loosing. In a word, banana is a good fruit.

What function does Banana Fruit Powder have?

1.Banana Fruit Powder can be treat inflammatory bowel disease;

2.It can clear away heat and toxic material, dispeling heat from blood to stop bleeding;

3.Banana Fruit Powder can lower blood sugar and cholesterin content, lose weight;

4.It has the function of anti-bacterial, anti-epithyte, calming, and curing sugar diabets.

Which field does Banana fruit powder applied?

1.Flavors in seasoning packets for banana puree powder keep the original flavors;

2.Colors in ice cream, cakes for beautiful pink color of banana puree powder;

3.Also can be applied in drink mix, infant food, dairy product, bakery, candy and others Product advantages.

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