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Chemical Name: Ascorbyl glucoside

CAS No.: 129499-78-1

Molecular Fomula:C12H18O11

Molecular weight:338.26472

What’s Ascorbyl Glucoside?

Ascorbyl glucoside is a water soluble derivative of vitamin C. It is biochemically modified to a stable compound by the reaction between Vitamin C and glucose. It is non-toxic and has greater stability than L-ascorbic acid, which tends to break down in heat, light, in the presence of oxygen, and in certain pH levels.

For this reason, many vitamin C creams turn dark yellow or brown after a few uses. In comparison, Ascorbyl glucoside can maintain its shelf life over twice as long as other forms of vitamin C without interfering with the efficacy of the compound. Skin cells can easily convert this compound to active vitamin c once applied directly to the skin.

Ascorbyl glucoside has a structure in which the C2-hydroxyl group of L-ascorbic acid is masked with glucose. Once selectively permeated through the skin, it is broken down into L-ascorbic acid and glucose by the enzyme Alpha-glucosidase. This breakdown process leaves a high concentration of vitamin C in the skin and it delivers the effects of vitamin C to the skin for a longer period of time.

Ascorbyl glucoside aids collagen synthesis by acting as a co-enzyme for enzymes and it antioxidant properties provide protection against UV radiation. These antioxidant properties also inhibit melanin synthesis making it highly effective in protecting skin against over exposure to UV rays and reducing hyperpigmentation of the skin.

What is Ascorbyl Glucoside good for?

Ascorbyl Glucoside is a natural vitamin C that contains glucose stabilizers.

Ascorbyl Glucoside can be used to lighten skin color and reduce pigmentation in age spots and freckles.

In addition to being used for whitening, it can also be used for lightening the dull skin tone, delaying aging and protecting the skin in sunscreen products.

Can be used for gel, essence, emulsion, cream and other whitening freckle, anti-aging and other skin care products.

What is Ascorbyl Glucoside used for?

1.Ascorbyl Glucoside can brighten skin tone and inhibit melanin formation.

The conversion of ascorbate glucoside into vitamin C into the skin cells can significantly reduce the formation of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase.

Inhibition of tyrosinase results in a decrease in dopaquinone, which is an intermediate substance in the synthesis of melanin.

An additional benefit is the simultaneous conversion of dopaquinone to levodopa, which relieves the formation of melanin, which in turn reduces
skin pigmentation.

2.Ascorbyl Glucoside for skin can resist UV damage, inhibit the damage of cells caused by ultraviolet radiation.

After the conversion of ascorbate glucoside into vitamin C, it can greatly reduce the free radicals generated by ultraviolet radiation.

Significantly reduce skin damage, and play a role in sunscreen products.

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