Project Description

Anthocyanidin Cranberry Extract Powder

Cranberry extract

Product name: Cranberry Extract
CAS NO.: 84082-34-8
Specs Available: Anthocyanidins 5-25%
Active ingredient: Anthocyanidin
Appearance: Dark purple powder
Molecular Weight: 611.53
Molecular Formula : C27H31O16

What is Cranberry Extract?

Cranberries, also known as cranberries, grow mainly in the acidic peat soil in the cool regions of the northern hemisphere. Flowers dark pink, raceme. Red berries can be eaten as fruits. It is a bright red skin with berries growing on dwarf vines.

Cranberry is a kind of natural antibacterial and health-care fruit. It is the best natural dietary therapy to prevent and treat various bacterial infections, urethritis, cystitis and chronic sputum nephritis in women’s daily urinary system. Cranberry is one of the few crops that can grow in acidic soils.

What function does Cranberry Extract Anthocyanidin have?

1. Anti-oxident

2. Cranberry Extract can Enhance the immune system ability.

3.Anthocyanidin can Reduce heart disease and stroke occurred

Which field does Cranberry Extract applied?

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, to be used as raw material;

2. Applied in health-care product field, to be used for keeping body healthy;

3. Applied in food field, to be used as nutritional supplement.