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Alisma root extract bulk powder cheap price wholesale

Quercetin 95%

Botanical Name: Alisma plantago-aquatica

Part Used: Root

Specification: 10:1

Appearance: Brown Powder

What is Alisma root extract?

Alisma is a genus of plants in the Alismataceae or water-plantain family. The genus consists of aquatic plants with leaves either floating or submerged, found in a variety of still water habitats around the world (nearly worldwide). The flowers are hermaphrodite, and are arranged in panicles, racemes, or umbels. Alisma flowers have six stamens, numerous free carpels in a single whorl, each with 1 ovule, and subventral styles. The fruit is an achene with a short beak

What is alisma orientalis extract good for?

1. Alisma orientalis extract Antibacterial action that helps control infection.

2. Alisma plantago-aquatica extract Rid the body of phlegm, to lower feelings of abdominal bloating, and to treat diabetes.

3. Alisma orientale tuber extract can externally to bruises and swellings, or taken internally to treat kidney and urinary tract inflammations.

4.Alisma root extract treat kidney stones, pelvic infections, nephritis, and other urinary tract infections, as well as yellowish discharges from the vagina.

5. Alisma orientalis extract treat conditions of damp heat associated with the kidney,bladder, and urinary tract. Alisma is a diuretic and is used to rid the body of excess water.

What is alisma orientalis extract used for?

1.Pharmaceutical chemical raw materials and dietary supplement ingredients,

2.Pesticides and plant growth regulator materials,

3.Veterinary API and feed additives raw materials.