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1.What is stevia powder?

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species stevia rebaudiana.

2.What is stevia powder used for?

Stevia powder is already in use as a food sweetener in a number of South American and Asian countries.

Stevia powder as a new natural sweet agent, been widely used in foods, drinks, medicines and daily chemicals.

Broadly speaking, in all the sugar products, stevia powder can be used to take the place of cane sugar.

3.Is stevia powder safe?

Yes,stevia powder is safe.

FDA approved the use of rebaudioside.

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4.Is stevia powder safe for diabetics?

Yes,stevia powder is safe for diabetics.

Stevia powder is non calories.

It doesn’t raise blood sugar levels,which it is good for diabetics people to use.

We also have other non calories sweeteners.

5.Is stevia powder natural?

Yes,stevia powder is natural.

It is extracted from the leaves of the plant species stevia rebaudiana.

6.Does powdered stevia have carbs?

Stevia powder has no carbs and no calories.

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7.What is the shelf life of powdered stevia?

If store properly,stevia power can last 3 years.

8.Can i use stevia powder in baking?

Yes,yo can use stevia powder is baking.

Stevia powder is a good sweetener replacement of regular sugar.

And it is more healthy.

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9.How much stevia powder to replace sugar?

One teaspoon of stevia powder is about the same sweetness as one cup of sugar.

And you can add or reduce the amount of stevia powder according to your own needs.

10.Where to buy stevia powder?

In our website,you can buy stevia powder.